Badfinger Favorites

Here is my list, in chronological order, of the outstanding songs from Badfinger's much-too-short career.

Magic Christian Music (1968 & 1969; released February 1970)
Come And Get It (Paul McCartney)
Crimson Ship (Pete Ham, Tom Evans)
Carry On Till Tomorrow (Pete Ham, Tom Evans

No Dice (November 1970)
I Don't Mind (Tom Evans, Joey Molland)
Midnight Caller (Pete Ham)
No Matter What (Pete Ham)
It Had To Be (Mike Gibbins)
We're For The Dark (Pete Ham)
I'll Be The One (Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins, Pete Ham, Joey Molland) [not included on original release]

Straight Up (December 1971)
Baby Blue (Pete Ham)
Flying (Tom Evans, Joey Molland)
I'd Die Babe (Joey Molland)
Suitcase (Joey Molland)
Sweet Tuesday Morning (Joey Molland)
Day After Day (Pete Ham)
Sometimes (Joey Molland)
It's Over (Tom Evans)

Ass (November 1973)
When I Say (Tom Evans)

Badfinger (February 1974)
I Miss You (Pete Ham)
Lonely You (Pete Ham)
Give It Up (Joey Molland)

Wish You Were Here (November 1974)
You're So Fine (Mike Gibbins)
Got To Get Out Of Here (Joey Molland)
Know One Knows (Pete Ham)
Dennis (Pete Ham)
In The Meantime (Mike Gibbins) / Some Other Time (Joey Molland)
Love Time (Joey Molland)
Meanwhile Back At The Ranch (Pete Ham) / Should I Smoke (Joey Molland)

Head First (December 1974; released November 2000)
Moonshine (Tom Evans, Bob Jackson, Mike Gibbins) [rough mix]

Airwaves (March 1979)
Lost Inside Your Love (Tom Evans)

And here are some amazing demo recordings made by Pete Ham (1947-1975), showing aspects of his compositional skill that he was never able to fully realize within Badfinger.

7 Park Avenue (1967-1975; released 1997)
Dear Father
Hand In Hand
Just Look Inside The Cover

Golders Green (1968-1975; released 1999)
Makes Me Feel Good
A Lonely Day
Pete's Walk