Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994)

Here are my favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the best of the sequels to the original series. [work in progress—not yet complete]

Where No One Has Gone Before (Oct. 26, 1987)
An attempt to improve warp engine efficiency unexpectedly sends the Enterprise and her crew to a place far beyond anything experienced before.

Too Short a Season (Feb. 8, 1988)
A very elderly Starfleet admiral is brought in to handle a tense hostage situation—using a rather unconventional approach.

Home Soil (Feb. 22, 1988)
Checking on the progress of the terraforming of Velara III, Data and Geordi make a remarkable discovery.

Coming of Age (Mar. 14, 1988)
As Captain Picard is under investigation by Starfleet, Wesley Crusher takes his entrance examinations for Starfleet Academy.

Skin of Evil (Apr. 25, 1988)
A shuttlecraft crash lands on the planet Vagra II, but the rescue operation is complicated by a malevolent entity.

The Child (Nov. 21, 1988)
Counselor Troi is shocked to find out she is pregnant. What transpires afterwards is more amazing still.

The Measure of a Man (Feb. 13, 1989)
A Starfleet cyberneticist wishes to remove Lieutenant Commander Data from the Enterprise against his will for study and partial disassembly, considering him Starfleet property. But does he have rights as a sentient being?

The Dauphin (Feb. 20, 1989)
The Enterprise is ferrying intellectually curious and beautiful Salia and her guardian to the planet Daled IV where she is to become a reluctant young governess, but a chance meeting between the girl and Wesley Crusher leads to mutual love and difficult choices.